Bubbly urine is a direct result of being afflicted

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    Bubbly urine is a direct result of being afflicted by any of these conditions And these conditions could or might come about as a result of diabetes So if one is experiencing urination that is constantly laced with bubbles and the bubbles do not seem to pass then it could be an indication of diabetes But not necessarily that it is always the case Do instances of bubbly urine mean that one has diabetes? It could be and it need not be either But the fact that cannot be denied is that there are HL12 Diabetes of bubbly urine being caused due to diabetes It is therefore always better to get a urine test done and have it diagnosed by a doctor who will be able to guide you better through the whole ordeal Diabetes mellitus is one of the most commonly seen conditions The statistics of diabetes in the United States are alarming to say the least - 8 % of the population suffers from this type of diabetes This is a long-term disease whose symptoms include uncontrollable hunger or thirst wounds that cease to heal considerable amount of weight loss or gain frequent urination etc.

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