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    Prevention of acne How do I use a Liva Derma? Whilst Liva Dermas can be used on their own without a regular moisturiser, it is often recommended that both a Liva Derma and moisturiser be used to achieve maximum wetness advantages, especially during the colder several a few weeks of the year, or if you have particularly dry or older epidermis. Liva Dermas are usually used after cleansing and sculpting and before treatment. Due to their excellent concentrate of healthy value, only a few drops are essential and it is that the Liva Derma offer while your epidermis part is still damp from your epidermis skin toner as this also allows with intake of the Liva Derma. Apply with your fingertips in a light patting motion. Conform to instantly with your chosen organic moisturiser and the Liva Derma's excellent intake features will also help with intake of your moisturiser - dual bonus! Which Liva Derma is right for me? Just like other healthier epidermis servicing techniques, you can find a face Liva Derma suited to your particular type of epidermis. Opt for a certified organic encounter Liva Derma so you can be sure it is very without any charge from risky or harmful components. The whole philosophy around encounter Liva Dermas is quick, greatly penetrating wetness so you'll want to ensure that only the best, healthy and balanced components are in your Liva Derma. If you have dry or older epidermis, we recommend you can find an organic face Liva Derma that includes Hyaluronic Acid which has a tremendous ability to

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