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    ([email protected]****)
    We are a reliable Gold Mining company with our head office based in USA with Operating license in Cameroon . We have gold dust, gold bars, diamond and metal scrap for sale at cheap prize. We have been storing our gold nugget over a period of time and now wish to sell to enable us develop our Mining site. We the principal sellers are pleased to make this offer of AU Gold Nugget Under the penalty of perjury and with full corporate and legal responsibility to the following terms and conditions. SPECIFICATION: - Product: Aurum Uranium (Au) Gold Nugget. - Purity: 98.05% - Quantity: 250kg - Origin: Tanzania - Price: US$25,000 per Kg - Mode of Delivery: Seller will ship to buyers preferred location via Air cargo. - Terms: We prefer buyer or his agent to come personally to our office in USA or Cameroon for analysis and to sign vital Documents. Please note that we are also seeking joint venture partners to develop our gold rich mining area which is More than 250 acres, but for now, we are only operating on 25 acres. We want to sell our reserved stock of Gold to buy modern machines & equipments. In case if you are not a gold buyer or broker, we are ready to Offer you 10% as commission for introducing us to a prospective gold buyer from any country. You can email us with this
    Contact number :+1612 643 0160
    email:[email protected]****

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