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    Chris Hemsworth will be contributing to the road closures next week in Brisbane CBD. The Superhero will be filming the new Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

    Road closures on Mary Street have already started since the 14th August and will continue to cause problems till the 26th August.

    At the start of next week ‘Monday 22nd August’ will see most of the road closures, but residents and businesses will still have access to their place of work.

    • Mary Street - two lane closure from Albert to Edward streets, 4:00am Mon 15 to 4:00am Sat 20th August
    • Mary Street - three lane closure from Albert to Edward, 4:00am Sat 20 to 4:00am Fri 26th August
    • Albert Street - Charlotte to Alice streets, from 4:00am Sun 21 to 11:00pm Mon 22nd August
    • Albert Street - Charlotte to Mary streets, from 11:00pm Mon 22 to 11:00pm Thurs 25th August
    • Margaret Street - George to Edward streets, from 4:00pm Sun 21 to 11:00pm Mon 22nd August
    • Margaret Street off ramp from 3:00am to 11:00pm Mon 22nd August
    Although the filming may cause a little disruption next week. Fans can head down to the filming area’s and maybe catch a glimpse of the hollywood film set and actors.

    Expect to catch hollywood stars like, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston, Jamie Alexander and Anthony Hopkins, including the main star Chris Hemsworth.

    Personal I think it’ll be a magical moment to have such a great movie filmed here in Brisbane. Producers promise to try and keep the disruptions to a minimum.

    Hey if anyone gets chance to head down there, please take a few photos and post them on here :)

    Here’s a MAP of the upcoming road closures in the CBD, Brisbane Next week.

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    When is the movie going to be out?

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